Content Dearth / Interest in Domain Names

I’ve been extremely busy professionally over the past week, so Iapologize for the lack of content. The quiet is alsoadmittedly because it’s hard to follow-up the domain name entries,given the extraordinary level of interest they received.

Apart from ~30,000+ visitors to those entries, per day,continuing for about a week (and still tapering off), I was alsophone interviewed on National Public Radio (broadcast throughoutthe US), quoted in an ezine, translated to other languages, linkedby several hundred other sites (including the blogs of severalpeople in this industry who I’ve admired for many years),and parts of the entry is going to be published in a reputablemagazine.

That interest completely shocked me.

I obtained the domain name database for purely functionalreasons, and threw up the entry of observations purely because Ifound a couple of the stats interesting (I love digging into dataand finding interesting correlations and insights. I imagine howinteresting it would be to delve in some of the large datasets likegrocery store databases: Who doesn’t look in the cart  in lineahead of them, drawing conclusions about the personality andlifestyle of the individual based upon their purchases Imagine allof the fun observations one could derive from the entire databaseof purchases).

At most I thought the regulars would find it interesting, andwas shocked to see the level of traffic. Apart from all of thewonderful comments I’ve received, and publicity for myconsulting/software development business, the benefit toPageRank has been tremendous, and search engine referrals arethrough the roof.

In any case, I have several entries almost ready forpublication, so content should ramp up again shortly.

Have a fantastic day and week ahead.