Finding Motivation

For close to two months now, I’ve been rather negligent of thisblog. The reasons are numerous, however the following is a list ofthe primary causes.

  • My wife is back to work as a laboratory scientist, now thatmaternity leave is complete, so “free time” (if such a thing existswith two small children) is getting squeezed entirely out,and…
  • …Professionally I’ve been extraordinarily busy,pursuing some new business avenues and opportunities,making it very difficult to allocatetime to finishing articles-in-progress. 

    A partial motivation in maintaining a blog/original content systemat the outset was to get some “cheap” (if the time dedicated tocreating content was valueless) PR to drum up someconsulting/software development customers, however that necessityhas largely disappeared (and it was only intended as a fail-safeanyways. I never had to actively look for clients, insteadrelying upon business contacts and word of mouth. I’ve actually hadto turn away most blog sourced  business due to a lack ofcapacity). Furthermore, as a PR vehicle for, I think the product itself willearn far more attention than any pimping in these entries everwould.

  • Lastly, but certainly not least, the incredible success of theDNS entries makes everything else almost seemanticlimactic.

    I remember when I first started posting online papers, gettinggiddy to see that a half a dozen people read them in a week (and Icarefully did reverse-IPs to see where they came from, followingevery referral back to the source), which I knew by downloading andlooking at the logs every 15 minutes. As time went on, however, andreadership increased, the “dose” required to have any motivationaleffect inflated, such that having several thousand distinct viewers(e.g. 10,000+ “hits”, however nebulous that metric is) in a givenday starts to almost seem like a failure (I see newspaper articlesgushing about whatever human interest blog of the day caught theireye, and it makes me cynical seeing that they only have 600,000visitors in a month. “That’s only 20,000 visitors a day!”). It’sstrangely discouraging to think that new efforts will yield only asmall portion of the attention the disposable DNS entriesdid.

    I’m completely over the “hit craving” stage that mostbloggers/original content producers go through, and almost entirelydisregard the stats. From this perspective, and hoping that I canfind a small amount of available time, I’m going to finish up somelong-in-the-making articles, along with some other content thatI’ve been wanting to explore. Through it all I promise to disregardthe stats.

Thanks for reading along, and have a fantastic day and weekahead!