Bootable CDs, NTFS, and Fragmented Files

While NTFS hitthe scenes with the promise — or rather the commonmisunderstanding — that file fragmentation was a thing of thepast, the reality we live with is copious fragmentation,significantly slowing many operations (NTFS is certainly betterthan FAT, but in no way does it eliminate fragmentation). Harddrives have gotten much bigger, and throughputs have increasedsignificantly, but the time it takes to go from one file fragmentto another has barely improved at all in over two decades.

While I sporadically use various defragmenting tools (includinghaving PageDefragin my startup), the optimal solution would be a bootable CD,allowing me to 100% error check and defragment entire volumesin one pass, as quickly as possible — no contention over thedevice, and no files blocked from defragmentation (both of whichcause online defragments to be incomplete, and terribly slow).

A Google search has turned up nothing of the sort (presumablythe defragment/check utility would have to be Linux or *BSD basedto have the operating system infrastructure available, whilecomplying with license conditions. Such a utility could easily beincluded with a Knoppix or other bootable CD distribution), so Ithought I’d throw this one out:

Anyone know of such a utility/bootable CD Preferrably one thatis trustworthy, and even commercial if that’s the case. It’d beoptimal if defragmentation could space-pack, preferrably with somesort of logic, such as putting bootup files in sequence and in thehighest-throughput area of the drive, etc.