Visiting the Zoo


Went to the Toronto Zooyesterday, despite the “terrible weather” (light to medium rain allday, with temperatures around 19C).

As we’ve discovered many times in the past, it turned out beingthe perfect day to go to the Zoo.

No lines. Exhibits to ourselves. No scorching sun ruining ourmood. Perfect. Pavillians empty, and time to sit and contemplatewhat exactly one wants to order at fine food establishments such asHarvey’s or Pizza Pizza.

As long as you’re prepared, including umbrellas and ponchos, alittle rain can be a great thing.  We found the same thing atDisney’s Animal Kingdom, where again a presumedly crummy day turnedout being extraordinary.

(As a sidenote, yesterday was “Daniel Cook Day” at the zoo.Daniel Cook is a smart young boy who has a series on Treehouse TV,among others, basically where he learns about people’s professions.As a promotion at the zoo, any kids wearing “Daniel Cook Orange”automatically got 1/2 off admission. Cute event, even though theturnout was terrible, but the idea of getting all of the kids at astrange place to dress alike seems like a very poorly thought outidea. “Come to the zoo! It’s Daniel Cook/Lose Your Kid Day!”)