Fall Fair Season Is Upon Us

I’m a big fan of fall fairs.

Rockton Fair Entrance

The greasy food. The animal displays. The cute baby contests.The best-of-category vegetable competitions. The tractor pulls. Howcouldn’t you love a good agricultural society fallfair?

Vegetable Competition

And it isn’t like I wallow in, imagining myself a know-it-allseen-it-all urbanite, taking a chance to get a chuckle at the ruralfolk. In actuality I often marvel at how ideal and livable many ofthese small towns are.

Lucky for me and the family then that Ontario has a rich calendar of fallfairs occurring over the coming weeks.

Which brings me to websites – we entirely choose which fallfairs to attend each season based upon their websites (linked fromentries in that directory). It gives us comfort that we’re notgoing to drive an hour to find a shack with a couple of pigsrunning free, and of course with dozens of fairs occurring (and ahigh degree of mobility allowing us a wide range of possibilities)we want to pick the most interesting one each weekend. While Idoubt that all that many of their visitors are provincial touristsbrowing the OAAS website, it does seem to be a good idea to spendjust a little time on the website.

Which brings me to this fair. Contained ona largely useless website (no offense intended to the author– I doubt it was their highest priority) is the notice that theycouldn’t post the prize list because of lack of resources. Theyfollow it up with a petition for volunteers.

Really, how tiny must a community be that there isn’tanyone will to scan a print out, or better yet type it in Doesn’tthis town have a single eager-to-look like a hacker 11 year olds(or 40 year olds for that matter. Or 70 year olds) How is it evenpossible that they can’t find resources for this?

In any case, it’s clear that the fall fair industry isdesperately in need of a good content management system. I’msurprized that the OAAS doesn’t offer them a half decent shell toadvertise their event (“Please check off each event your faircontains – baby beauty contest [ ] apple bobbing [ ]”…).