Getting Back on the Horse

My wife and I decided to make some completely home-made pizzalast night. The closest we’d come before was store bought shellsand store bought sauce.

We found a sauce recipe we liked and I made that, and we found adough recipe that looked good and tried that.

First time in the dough was a disaster. Whether the internetsourced recipe was a dud (which is unfortunately too common.Speaking of internet recipes, many try to immortalize themselves bymodifying a common recipe slightly, adding their surname on it –e.g. Dennis’ Pizza Dough — and casting it as their own. Just anobservation there), or one of the ingredients was wrong, a messemerged from the bread maker’s dough cycle.

It was getting late (remember that the dough cycle takes 1 hour45 minutes), and the easy option would have been to run to thestore and buy a premade shell, but inevitably that would have meantthat we would have soured ourselves on home-made dough. So insteadwe gave the kids something different for dinner, found anotherrecipe, and tried again. This time the results were much better,and now we can modify the recipe to make exactly, precisely thedough we want. Wonderful. I can’t wait to try all of thepossibilities (and we’ll probably make it tonight as well. I’d loveto try a calzone as well)

We got back on the horse after it kicked us off.

The same thing happened when we tried making Nanaimo bars. Timeafter time the chocolate/egg mixtures started terribly clumpinginto a disastrous mess, but we kept trying. Eventually we got theright speed and temperature, and made some amazing little treats,opening up lots of options for us in that realm as well.