The Never Ending Battle AKA The Sweaty Gym Goer

Every gym I’ve ever gone to has featured a never-ending battlebetween those who shirk their post-set machine cleaningduties, and those who detest the sweaty stink left after the prioruser slinks away without dutifully using the sterilizing spray andpaper towels to appropriately sanitize the area.

Short of video evidence and instant membership bans, this battlewill never be won. There will always be people taking a quick lookaround and then shuffling over to defile another machine.

Given that it’s as probable as not that any random machine hasthe leftover pore secretions of the prior user, and it’s unlikelyto change, why not just accept defeat Decree it the standard thatall users should clean the machine before they use it.Levy no post-use demands.

Not only does this allow for the reality that many people havelittle concern for the next guy, the cleaning job will likely bevastly superior if people are cleaning for their own use. Those whoreally don’t care can enjoy their collection of skin growths, andthose who are really paranoid can appropriately equip themselveswith high-proof anti-microbial, and some good defensiveclothing/towels.