‘Tis The Season…

..to anthropomorphize toys.

The scene of the room full of viciously abused toys, all quietlysobbing while reminiscing the days when their owners cared aboutthem and treated them well, is far too common in Christmasmovies.

Do kids need this guilt Do they really need to ascribe highermeaning to what are, in actuality, pieces of fabric, applecores and recycled Chinese newspapers?

It’s just a throwaway toy! Use it and abuse it, and toss it inthe garbage with extreme prejudice!


I convince my children to care for their toys by factually, andtruthfully, informing them that a broken toy = a garbaged toy= one less toy to play with (not that such exhortations achievemuch with a preschooler and a toddler, but at least they’re acaptive audience). I don’t try to sucker them into thinking the toyfeels pain, or cries at their misuse.