Windows Mobile 5.0 to the Rescue?

Moto QNearing the end of 2006 I put up a bit of a rant–Two-Factor Authentication, Hashing, and Cell Phone Restrictions /J2ME — concerning two-factor authentication, and thedifficulties implementing a simple, no-cost solution on my handynew Motorola cell phone. I pretty much gave up in frustration, themany barriers and limitations just making it not worth thetrouble.

I recently started using a Motorola Q, based upon Windows Mobile 5.0 and running on theBell Canada network, and I have to say that the situationis night and day — developing and deploying eithernative or .NET Compact Framework apps on it is ridiculously easy(and incredibly well supported in Visual Studio 2005 with the SDKadd-ins), easily using the data network to communicate with sitesover the net, and so on.

Absolutely wonderful device for developers and enlightenedshops.