The Brutal Inefficiency of MSIEXEC

I’m going through the process of upgrading some InfragisticsNetAdvantage 2007 v1 components to 2007 v2, one step in the upgradeprocess being the uninstallation of v1. The uninstaller has nowbeen running for some 65 minutes, saturating boththe hard drive and the CPU during the entirety of that time.

What possible explanation is there for this Removesome registrations, delete some files and directories. Done.Where’s the big complexity?

“But it’s doing complex things!” a friend of MSIEXECmight retort (this is hardly the first time I’ve encounteredoutrageous installer times). Like what Calculating the nextMersenne Prime?

In the time that it has run it could read and written myentire hard-drive several times over, and from acomputational perspective it has now processed trillionsof CPU operations. Trillions.

Given the basic metrics, there is simply no rational explanationbeyond absolutely mind-boggling inefficiency. Par for the course,unfortunately.