The Embarrassing HD-DVD Debacle And Blogging Exile

It’s been just over a year since I publicly laid my considerable powers ofpersuasion behind HD-DVD, only to see the format die a horrifying death just over two months later.

Quite an embarrassment. It was so bad I had to exile myself fromblogging.

Even worse than the online embarrassment was the awkwarddiscomfort and shame that owning an HD-DVD unit brought. When theHD-A3 eagerly popped up its now foolish looking HD-DVD logo as aguest happened in the room, the outcome was generally one of twoshades of humiliating: Half the time they’d feel a little sorry forit, and by extension me. The other half was even worse, as they’deagerly ask “Gosh, what’s that Is that the new high definitionformat?”, forcing me to divert the conversation to whateverconflict was going on in the Middle East at the time (always one tofall back on). I quickly deported the player to the basement, ifonly to be free of the logo.

Toronto From 43KM AwaySeriously, though, having threeyoung children is quite a lot of work. A former boss once remarked,on learning that I had my first child (my beautiful daughterElizabeth), that I was a “hobbyist”. I laughed at the time,thinking that he was just being elitist, what with his 8 kids orwhatever it was. Turns out he was somewhat right, and I now lookback at the relaxed life of free time I had with just one child.Even two seems relatively tame in comparison. Three, with them nowedging towards the ages of two, four and six, introduces a lot ofdifficulties, as providing them all with age appropriate activitiesand challenges is a non-trivial task. The time available to postinsightful blog entries has suffered.

But there is hope, faithful fans! I’ve devised a new techniquethat I’m going to try over the coming weeks. It’s a sort of hybridof “microblogging”, but privately accumulating until it’s aworthwhile post. I consider such writings cathartic and oftenself-elucidating, so I want to do it if only for personalsatisfaction.

There’s also the matter that with the recent addition of a”recent posts” panel on the right, that ungainly HD-DVD entry stillfalls in the list…so I’ve got to push out some content to scrollit off the list….just one more entry and it’s outta there.

Oh and I also added the feed bag — again it was to try out a newtechnology and it proved a useful prototype — of links that I thinkare worthwhile, for anyone who might be interested.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!