The Unlikely Success of Plenty of Fish

The story of Markus Frind is not a new one around developmentcircles: Some guy creates a remarkably unpolished, seeminglyunsophisticated dating website and in short order is braggingabout the million dollar checks he’s getting from Google Adsensepayments.

Still, you owe it to yourself to read the article about his exploits in January’s Inc. It is afascinating story of internet success against the odds, and thesite that is serving up 1.6 billion pages per month on aninexpensive modicum of hardware. That article references Markus’blog entry from 2006 where he explains how his extraordinarysuccess story began.

[Imagine that I insert some drawn-out blowhard “lesson” to belearned from Mr. Frind’s success here, allowing me to justifymaking an entry that is basically nothing more than a link, allwhile pretending that if you follow these simple steps you too canachieve the same results]