Finally Making Use of the Domain

Just a couple of minor notes:

  • Tonight I switched data centers. There may be a small outagefor some because I forgot to lower the TTL on the old DNS entriesbefore the move: I guess being the, uh, “world’s most pre-eminentdomainologist” doesn’t mean I’m always on top of such things, atleast not for what now is just a wrapping around a blog.
  • I made the move because I’m finally making use of the domain,and the reason for needing a more powerful platform will becomeclear.
  • I often do minor edits of published pieces after the fact,without noting it as an edit. Often I’ll read back through thearchives and see typos, wording that I’d like to correct, etc, so Ifix it for future readers. The most common edits see me removingparenthetical asides that add nothing. The software I wrote to runthis does store every revision, so technically I could provide adiff’able history and have long considered doing that.
  • Speaking of blog software, one solved problems that strangelycauses havoc again and again are dynamic sites that fall overwhenever they get any attention. Over the past while I’ve had dayswith torrents of incoming visitors, and the CPU needle barely everspikes to the point of being measureable. It is just inconceivablethat a simple blog dies when it gets on Reddit or the like.Seriously – caching, figure out how to use it. If you can’t get itinto your software itself, stick your site behind an nginx instanceand use its wonderful functionality.
  • Every entry that I post is automatically run through tidy. I really considerit important that mark-up claiming to subscribe to a given standardactually honors that standard.
  • I’ve withdrawn from the whole NoSQL debate because it gotincredibly boring. My closing note is simply to say that the waythat many are using NoSQL is like discovering the buggy whip at thebeginning of the automotive era.

Incredible times ahead.