Froyo Finally Comes to my Nexus One. Brings 802.11n

While a number of beta releases of Android 2.2 (AKA Froyo) havemade the rounds since the Google I/O public unveiling over a monthago, all of the prior releases targeted the T-Mobile variants,leaving my EPE54b-based “AT&T” model on the outside longinglylooking in.

Sure, there are methods of rooting and rolling back and thenforward to get it working, but I wasn’t interested in them simplybecause this phone is too useful for me to bother: It is already avery decent phone, and I was willing to bide my time until Googlerefined the final bits and pushed it officially, at least when thealternative started with rooting.

Alas, a version has finally been unviled for my version of Android. Idownloaded it, did the manual update, and initial impressions areincredibly positive.

I’ve complained numerous times before about the stuttering,seemingly overwhelmed feel of the platform, at least relative tothe buttery smoothness of an iPhone, and I can happily say thatmost of those complaints are no longer true.

One possible facet of the Froyo update that has been debatedback and forth as myth has been support for 802.11n. I can gladlysay that FRF85b does indeed enable 802.11n on my handset.

Takenafter switching the WAP to 802.11n only, though it establishes thesame connection in mixed g/n. Yes, I named my WAP “dlink”, eventhough it isn’t a dlink.

While much has been made about 802.11n’s higher theoreticalspeed, how often is greater than 54Mbps really needed on asmartphone Is the max 54Mbps of 802.11g just too constrained?

Hardly. The increased max theoretical throughput is a non-issuefor this usage.

Instead the real benefit of 802.11n is that it maintains adecent throughput at the edges of the connection, where 802.11gwould stutter and disconnect. I can already say that testing thisthroughout the house and the yard has demonstrated a moreconsistent, more usable experience. With the WAP in the basement,connectivity in the bedroom was often more hit and miss, whereasnow it appears to be rock solid and ever so speedy.