Thoughts on the iPad 2

Apple Hits Another Home Run

Apple unveiled the iPad2 last week, the device representing a pretty impressive bump in specifications and functionality.

Dual-core processor, significantly better GPU, dual cameras, gyroscope. All of that in a smaller, lighter package than before.

Apple delivers. While companies like RIM are busy showing untouchable prototypes, Apple just slams iteration after iteration out of the ballpark. Not some prototype, but an actual shipping product that hits retail mere days later.

They’re shipping the very cost-effective WiFi version at the outset, avoiding the massive blunder that competitors such as Samsung and Motorola made when they brought out 3G-only versions at outrageous prices. immediately losing many prospecitve customers and champions.

And of course Apple executes for volume, confidently ordering counts that allow them to price economically. Aside from perhaps Samsung (the dark horse of the electronics world), most other competitors approach the market tepidly and in an exploratory fashion, expecting to succeed regardless. That is a recipe for failure.

Apple executes in a way that no one has been able to match. It should embarrass competitors like RIM that they can’t pull it together in the same way.