tewdew software is born

I’ve spoken a lot about mobile over the years. It always felt abit empty: While opinions are easy, they are ultimately justopinions from someone on the sidelines. I didn’t have any skin inthe game.

So I’m changing that. As what is essentially a hobby-timeproject with my kids and my wife, tewdew software is born.

I’ve been casually programming mobile apps for some time. It isnot my core discipline in my professional life, which isexactly why I enjoy doing it: I’ve always found thatlearning and programming disparate realms is hugely beneficial forkeeping you engaged and in love of this field, and it’s an exercisethat often brings insight and techniques that one might notencounter otherwise.

From CUDA GPU programming to NEON assembly, it’s good to mix itup.

But now it’s serious. I’ve committed to making something happento show action to back my spoken principals. While my time islimited, such usually helps to focus intensity, and this limitedavailability has already proven very beneficial.

Our first application will be a creative application for Androidtablets running Android 3.0 or higher. I believe that theprototypes I’ve already put together demolish anything on themarket thus far.