Denial and Rivers in Egypt – Android on Tablets

Some people just never learn.

John Gruber, of Daring Fireball fame, posted asnipe at RIM today, later quietly adding commentary about thegrowth of Android’s tablet marketshare. Presumably after actuallyreading the link.

Now Mr. Gruber has gone to damage control (where the damage is to hiscredibility given his “there is only an iPad market” mantra).

This is virtually identical to the response by Gruber and kin asAndroid grew in the smartphone market: Denial comes first,eventually we’ll see anger (“Why would anyone want that junk?”), and soon.

Is Android as popular among the jet set crowd Probably not. Isit as desirable by mainstream consumers at this stage Absolutelynot. Do they sell as quickly as the iPad Not a chance. IsHoneycomb as polished as iOS, and do Android tablets have as manyapps No and no (though I have to take this opportunity to say thatthe new IMDB app is superb on Honeycomb).

But it isn’t going anywhere. Even if those millions of Androidtablets were sitting unsold right now (which they aren’t — that single tablet is selling at a clip of 1.2million per quarter), soon enough they will be in consumers hands,even if it requires a fire sale. And then the next wave arrives(Tegra 3 and OMAP 4), and then the next, and the next.

And here’s a secret that is going to blow your mind:Apple intentionally limits 16GB WiFi iPad availability to upsellyou to the higher-profit 32GB model (“well…it is only $100more…” — I just bought some class-10 16GB uSDHC cards for $22each, and it’s certainly much less expensive integrated and in bulkas Apple would acquire it. The $100 premium of the 32GB unit isalmost all gravy). The former is “sold out” virtually everywhere,while the latter is available at every single online or brick andmortar store that I checked. If a bait-and-switch wasn’t theirintention, they would adjust their manufacturing process to balanceout supply to the obvious demand ratio. But it feeds into that”selling faster than they can make them” bit that you hear sooften.