How About A Browser Do-Not-Survey Setting?

I don’t complete online surveys. When I see one nagging to be completed it makes me ponder who does fill them out. People with an excess of free time?

I have to imagine that the results are going to heavily weight towards the opinions of people with lots of leisure time.

Clearly I’m not alone given that surveys have started getting much more aggressive. In your face popups and animated overlays following you around, begging that you complete one.

No. Most of the time that I’m on your ecommerce or support site, I am very mission-driven and often time crunched. I’m not just wasting time. Your obnoxious survey puts me in an irritated mood….but I’m not going to fall for that trap: I realize you’re trying to annoy me so much that I’ll fill it out just to leave an irritated comment.

They’re an especially annoying nuisance when you’re using the browser through a remote desktop session. Microsoft does this incredibly irritating animated thing on some of their sites where survey pleas scroll in from off screen. In the remote desktop world that yields a lot of repainting and a very slow session. Let me opt out. I’m never going to complete your survey

so stop pestering me about it. All you’re doing is making it more likely that I’ll click back.

How about a new Do-Not-Survey request header?

A similar argument could be made for the A Live Operator Is Standing By! features of many sites now. Put it on the side — even make it das blinken if you’d like — but please don’t chase my cursor around demanding that I open a session.