The iPhone’s Incredible Halo-Effect

Aside: Updates are infrequent right now as we’re in the process of making a move to a home in the countryside. While technically still within city borders, it will be quite a tremendous lifestyle move for the better: We love nature, and we love space, and either are in ample proportions at our upcoming home, so we’re incredibly excited, though it occupies too much of my conscious right now.

In an entry a few weeks back I opined that Apple’s success with the iPhone presents an incredible risk to Microsoft: There is a tremendous overlap between people who already owned an iPhone and those who bought an iPad, and now we’re seeing the same thing playing out in the PC market (where PC includes Macs).

It’s the iPhone halo-effect. People who love their iPhone tend to love the brand, and from that the other products (not discounting that the quality that Apple put into their iPhone is in their other products as well, so it isn’t an entirely undeserved carry-over).