Sorry WP7, Apple Already Makes a Great iPhone

Windows Phone 7 is a flop. Instead of reversing, or at least staunching the flow of customers leaving Microsoft’s mobile platforms, the bleed is worse than ever.

So what gives So many pundits tell us that it’s a great device. That it’s the best option….if for some reason you don’t want an iPhone.

Which, as they say, is the rub: The people who love Windows Phone 7 are almost universally iPhone boosters, and they love WP7 as the non-threatening, adorable little scramp that they hope will distract the Android legions. The regular cheerleading squad is
at play: Marco Arment, John Gruber, MG Siegler, and others of the “Apple profits are righteous” gang.

They love Windows Phone 7 because it legitimized the iPhone by making an almost identical set of philosophical platform choices. The few areas where it differs are often facile. Windows Phone 7 comes from multiple manufacturers, for instance, but the hardware is so strictly defined that the differences are minor, the
advantages of the competitive spirit extinguished. It turns out that if you want an iPhone, there is a company that already does a really good job making one.

Whatever misdirected soul has demolished all of Microsoft’s once legendary advantages, desperately trying to out-Apple Apple, needs to be punted from the company. This strategy will not and cannot work. When the people who supposedly love your product, giving it endless praise, are people who would never buy it, you’re doing something wrong.