Specs Rule

The iPad released yesterday (which I pre-ordered) is essentially an upgrade of specs over the iPad 2.

It has a 2048×1538, 40% greater saturation screen serviced by double the GPU cores (2x the performance of the A5, while purportedly 4x the Tegra 3). It has 1GB of RAM and a 5MP, 1080p video capable backlit camera. It has a 44Wh battery — a massive 76%
improvement, making me think that the WiFi-only model will feature incredible battery life — and iOS 5.1.

It is a spec bump. A very impressive spec bump that takes the wind out of competitor’s sails, but still a spec bump.

So it’s odd seeing people like MG Siegler still railing on about how “specs
are dead
“. Specs are very much alive and kicking, and Apple plays that game as hard and as fast as anyone. They lead in the specs department with almost every release, though usually later in the lifecycle, as competitors naturally catch up and surpass them, the various sycophants start the chorus of “specs don’t matter”. Sure they matter. Specs deliver the goods that allow for the experience.