Setting Up The New Blog

You might know me from I’ve been blogging for many years, having some modicum of success during that time.

I recently decided to rebuild, primarily to re-purpose the old domain for something much more interesting*, but also to get some better authoring tools. The custom software I had been running was making the authoring process more time consuming than necessary: It was a paragon of functionality and efficiency when serving up content, but I never put the time in on the content creation side.

I understand that I lost subscribers and added a lot of link rot to the web when I tore down the old platform, but I have to grudgingly accept that as the price of progress.

This new blog is a pretty straightforward implementation — nginx, WordPress+W3TC, php-fpm, mysql, all running on Ubuntu in the Amazon AWS cloud — really just to allow me to document and share discoveries while I perform various personal implementations and execute entrepreneurial efforts: So many times I encounter something unexpected, or make a useful discovery, and I really want to share it to help others.

My original plan was to utilize Google+ for most such content, however its lack of interleaved media (e.g. pictures and diagrams within the text) has proven far more limiting than I expected. This came to the fore as I recently tried to author an entry on junction tables.

By far the most enjoyable entries on the old blogs — the ones that I would re-read over and over again with satisfaction — concerned the database world: Tutorials, advice, predictions, discoveries, and so on. I became a bit famous, and infamous, through a variety of NoSQL posts. While some viewed my posts as negative skepticism, I was merely being a pragmatic realist. I think many of my observations have been proven out.

I’m going to focus much more on the database world with this outing. I love database technologies of all sorts. It remains one of the real challenges of this industry.

New database discoveries will come via my build-out of While the purpose of that site remains shrouded in secrecy — albeit heavily hinted at on the root page — I will have a publicly usable version operational by Halloween.

I’m going to look at importing all of the historical blog content purely to feed the search engines and for my own reminiscing.

Thank you for reading.

* – My primary motivation behind blogging originally was to build PageRank for the old domain: Write some incendiary commentary that would get a lot of links and then flip that web popularity into something else. Until now I had never gotten around to actually building up the base site.

UPDATE: 2012-10-01 – Threw together a quick app that pulled many of the old entries out of a database and, using the JoeBlogs library and the xml-rpc API of WordPress, pushed them up to this new site. All is fairly good although there was some serious format mangling on old entries, and entry cross references are of course broken (acceptable collateral damage). As I wander around the content, and as time affords, I will try to clean it up.

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