WordPress and Comment Spam

For years I blogged on a self-created blog platform. It was very secure, very efficient, and could serve up massive page render counts on miserably weak machines.

It was deficient on the actual content creation side, however (the iPad of blogging…rimshot), making authoring new posts an onerous task. That was one of those “to be completed” things that always got de-prioritized.

I allowed comments. If someone disagreed with something I’d written, I’d happily host their counterpoint. Security through obscurity helped me pre-filter, most spammers unwilling to bother for one relatively small technical blog with a very unique infrastructure.

Every now and then someone would create a script just for me and I’d slightly change-up the API to thwart their attempts.

Not the case with WordPress however. I’m racking up 1400+ spam comments a week, after filtering through available spam plugins. That is untenable, and sadly I can’t spend the time filtering through for the one or two legitimate comments.

So comments are no more, killed by the popularity of WordPress and its prolific and well-targeted comment API. I still hope that people who disagree or have information to add will take to their own content systems to make their voices heard as well.

Sidenote: Many popular blogs killed comments long ago. The reason is simple: When people lose the option of arguing a position they disbelieve in the comments, they are more likely to take it somewhere else, providing some delicious PageRank juice in the process. That is not and has never been a concern of mine, made evident by the fact that I keep tossing out all PageRank goodness every time I decide to completely revamp URLs and domains.