Hide Those Coupon Code Inputs

How my online purchases often (don’t) happen-

  • Go to site to buy product I want (but don’t necessarily need. I am usually a marginally motivated buyer)
  • Encounter “Coupon/Voucher” input
  • Do some web searches for coupon codes
  • Failing to find one, defer purchase for another day, avoiding the mental burden of being the sucker buying at full price when clearly there are discounts to be had

This is not theoretical — this is exactly the process I’ve gone through again and again.

One of many recreational/quasi-entrepreneurial side projects I’ve considered doing is a mobile game with my eight-year-old son, with Unity 3D just slightly edging out alternatives (minus a framework like Unity, it is remarkable how much time you can burn on the rudiments like displaying text on the OpenGL screen, or packaging resources, the latter of which I spent a good week of casual time on before realizing how futile it was wasting limited time on those sorts of ancillary things).

Each time I get to this point-



And each time I defer the purchase for another day, choosing to focus on other efforts in the meantime.

This isn’t a rational decision, fretting about some often token discount on such an expensive purchase. Instead it’s driven by the feeling that I’m being had, so to speak.

Unity would be better served to hide that box. Remove the cognitive burden from people who don’t have a rebate code. Where you do have promotions, use querystring parameters and then cookies.

Alternately, seed Google with token discount codes. I am firmly convinced that a number of sellers do exactly that, and there is a profound motivating effect when you “find” a discount that just happens to expire today.