Technology is Awesome

This is a bit of a throw-away post, but it’s one of those things that just hits me so often and I often need to express it.

Technology is awesome. This industry is fantastic. Our field is wonderful.

There is nothing that I would want to do more.

Apple’s new A7 processor? Fantastic! The upcoming iPad iterations, and the soon to be unveiled Nexus 5? Progress!

Haswell and the performance and power improvements? AVX & AVX2? Next year’s AVX-512? Tremendous!

Smartphones with Optical Image Stabilization, high resolution displays, approaching-laptop-level-performance and amazing connectivity? Awesome!

Clusters of cloud computers that can be had on the cheap, with amazing connectivity and performance? Equalizing!

Flash memory and new low power, high performance GPUs? Excellent!

The next generation of consoles, bringing so much more computational power while reducing the electrical power draw? Amazing!

What Rockstar North managed to squeeze out of the last generation of consoles (devices that are eight years old!) — simply shocking and humbling.

We live in truly incredible times, and it is a wonderful time to be a wizard of technology, casting spells that manifest its powers in useful and delightful ways.