The Name Navigator v0.1

An early variant of the Name Navigator is available for your perusal at

It is functional in any modern browser, including on smartphones and tablets (though the usability depends upon the available screen space).

It exists at that sub-domain only because a futile search for appropriate domain names yielded much frustration: it is incredible how many domain names sit registered yet unused, only the registrars benefiting from the arrangement.

A few rudimentary features such as the legend, frequency chart under the year range, and full configuration for Android and iOS “installs” (to allow for full-screen usage which would greatly improve usability) will come in the next day or two as time affords. Next on the agenda will be state level drill-down (the data is all there — peruse the JSON responses if curious), as well as top name charts for any year, national or state-level, on demand. Next will come the stat functions.

For those curious, this is a custom, very high performance Go data process running behind a caching proxy pass-thru nginx instance. I’m quite pleased at the performance results, having designed them in with every interaction.