Surprising traffic. Contact methods.

Sunday’s post, Outsourceability as a Measure of your Software Development Process, yielded an unexpectedly huge number of direct blog readers, which I mention only because I have to think at least a few wanted to comment on the story (whether to agree or disagree), having loaded it from their feed reader.

For those who hoped to contribute some thoughts only to discover that there are no comment facilities, I apologize: There is no intention to suppress disparate opinions, but when I transitioned to WordPress I quickly discovered that there are legions of bots at the ready to spam any site that enables comments with a deluge of detritus. I tried a variety of Bayesian and heuristic filters, but it still let through enough that it required constant maintenance and monitoring, which I simply don’t have time for.

I am keeping an eye on Jeff Atwood’s latest project, Discourse (he was heavily involved in the fantastic, game-changing Stack Overflow, so expectations are high), and may utilize it at some point.

On another note, a number of people have noticed that on the website for the business mentioned in the prior entry, there are no contact details. Nor are there any efforts towards SEO.

This is by design. At this stage in the company’s growth, most engagements are sought through personal word of mouth and direct relationships. Historically I’ve had a poor experience with “I searched the web and found your name. Can you build me the next Facebook+LinkedIn+Google*WhatsApp for under $200?” sorts of leads.

However of course we’re always looking to pursue serious opportunities. If you’re looking for the absolute best, contact me at and we’ll get in touch and make some awesome happen. The headquarters for yafla Inc. is the Greater Toronto Area, but we ply our trade around the globe.