Name Navigator Updated with 2013 Data

The US Social Security Administration released the 2013 state-level name files this morning, so I’ve incorporated the new and revised data into the Name Navigator.

Behold the mighty staying power of Jacob, now in fisticuffs with the infant Liam, Noah and Masons of the world. The competition for top female names is just as contested.


Daenerys and Tyrion made a Game-of-thrones inspired appearance in 2013.

When a bit of time presents itself I plan on doing some fun correlation and trend analysis (particularly correlations between name groups, and lag factors between states), and to add some mortality calculations to the site to calculate estimated age / birth region for each name. I will find opportunities in the very near future.

Data is simply fascinating, and it’s wonderful when information like this is broadly shared.

As one disclaimer, the SSA does not provide 100% coverage with the data, excluding any incidents of names with less than 5 occurrences per state. A very uncommon name like Daenerys only blips into existence in 2013 in the state data, with 14 individuals having the name across three states. In actuality there were 67 females given the name across the United States in 2013, however because they were distributed across the states in counts below 5, they are effectively hidden at the sub-national level.

There is no way to simply shake the names across the states without distorting the data and analysis, and this gap only impacts very uncommon names.

For the probability percentages, the counts are compared against normalized and corrected values.