Immediate Availability To Help You Rule The World / The Rule of ABH [Updated]

EDIT: Client demand has quickly pushed the workload queue back to normal levels, so please email me to determine availability if you have a potential engagement. I cannot guarantee availability, and have removed the temporary discounting, however I’d still love to talk to you about making your project a reality, your initiative a remarkable success. As always a huge thank-you and note of appreciation to the great clients who keep it interesting and rewarding.

Funding for a large block client contract is in question, so I have immediate availability for engagements, and will discount as necessary to fill the hours. Read what I’m about and how it works here.

Need to accelerate a project? Have domain expertise and want to have a solution constructed? Need some guidance to start or kick-start a project? Contact me and we’ll figure out what works for you, setting up conference calls, on-sites, or planning meetings as necessary.


I don’t make use of a sales team. I don’t run Google Ads or list in the yellow pages. I generally don’t even maintain a sales funnel, refusing to book engagements far in advance given the natural scheduling risks of this industry. I don’t try to squeeze myself into perpetual residuals on completed projects, however lucrative that model is.

Instead I hustle and fill the hours on a need basis, which has worked out pretty well thus far, albeit with minor hiccups occasionally when things go awry, as happened with this project, where the client relied upon speculative investments, and I book blocks without financial assurances or deposits.

This is just the life of consulting. The life where you need to Always Be Hustling.

And I love it.

One of the greatest things about working this way is that time seems to pass very slowly, the experience of life much filler. In contrast, there have been years in my life where, comfortable and settled in a job, role, and lifestyle, whole years have passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Where I recall a movie that came out “recently” to find out it actually came out years before.

With the Always Be Hustling consulting lifestyle, it’s exactly the opposite, given the challenges and uncertainties and endlessly varied tasks and challenges making every day a journey. I frequently experience the discord where events that were relatively recent seem like they happened long, long ago, so much activity happening in between.

In this temporary gap I’m also going to leverage the time to explore a start-up product I’ve been contemplating, so hustling for some VC money in the process, which should be a very entertaining process.

Somewhere out there, among the readers of this blog (the subscribers, for whom I am very thankful, and the surprisingly high number that search engines send here daily), someone, or someone they know, has a need where I can turn technology into a force multiplier for you (software really does rule the world). Let’s get a conversation started and make it happen.