The Quiet

Things have been a little quiet as I took a self-imposed moratorium from blogging for a short while, committed to finishing a mobile app I’d been considering. It’s on the cusp of completion, so while I contemplate those minor final details thought I’d post a quick update.

I’m pretty proud of it. At the same time, though, the exercise reminded me of Procrastination and the perfect project. I find it simply extraordinary how my perspective of challenges change between the before and after states. In the after state, looking back, so often I am overwhelmed with that sense that “meh… that’s too trivial to do the finishing bits”, and it has always been a hurdle to overcome. I end up having to have moments where I browse through the git commits looking at the stages along the way to remember the numerous hurdles and challenges.

There were also some minor blog outages, for which I apologize. I have a service that monitors the site and notifies me on connectivity or machine issues, or if “canary in the coal mine” test pages show any deviance, but it was missing a pretty big problems caused by a storage volume being full, affecting some pages. To those who encountered that, apologies.