Recording a Gallus Demo Video


Somewhat dissatisfied with the quality of the Nexus 4 sunset recording (having nothing to do with Gallus — it did its role perfectly — and everything to do with the miserable image sensor on that device), round two uses a GS3, which offers a great color and clarity sensor.

This all seems somewhat antithetical to Gallus — hard fixing a camera for a product that offers incredibly gyroscope-based stabilization — however ultimately I’m just stocking up on app portfolio type material for the promotional video, and one of the features of Gallus is that it offers long-running, elapsed-frame recording for those who want it, not to mention that things like sunsets are pretty cool in general.

The tape you can see, for those who wonder, holds a 35mm camera UV filter that I put over the GS3 camera lens (direct sunlight exposure to the sensor for hours isn’t recommended, and I’m only willing to do it with these older devices, still trying to reduce the potential for damage, though I do expect extra flare from it, which hopefully looks awesome. Don’t do this at home), along with aluminum foil, shiny side out, over the rest of the back just to reduce the heat build up.

Speaking of the sun and heat and smartphones, a lot of people have taken to mounting their phone atop their dash. Unless you have the AC on full you’re likely to encounter thermal control issues. I remember proudly receiving my Nexus One and all accessories package from Google (remember when car mode was a big deal) and while it was okay during the winter, during spring, summer and fall there was no way the device could run navigation or any other “intensive” app without overheating, much less sitting directly in the sun.