Quadrilateral Texture Projections

In trying to diagnose a unique device fault in some rendering contexts — specifically on the Nexus 6 when rendering non-power-of-2 OES textures to a quadrilateral with projection mapping (a scenario that occurs with Gallus when it is performing perspective corrections) — I threw together a quick and ugly Android Studio solution that might prove useful as a starting point for those looking to play around with Android development.


A simple application that loads a texture and displays it in a moving and warping quadrilateral, demonstrating both projected and unprojected texture mapping, switching with a touch.

Hopefully it’s useful and interesting to someone. It’s very simple, and is not tech bravado, but it does a straightforward task well.

Though it didn’t demonstrate that assumed fault with the Nexus 6, using just a standard power-of-2 checker board texture.