Random Updates

Things have been a little quiet on here: I’m working with a fantastic group of individuals, helping them change the world. It has kept me very occupied, doing some fantastically fun and innovative work.

Outside of that, I recently applied the monthly Windows updates to my desktop workstation, with nary a concern as it has been literally over a decade since an update caused trouble. The update completely destroyed the system image, to the point that repairs weren’t even possible. Thankfully I subscribe to the notion that any single platform is untrustworthy, so nothing of value — besides the time doing the rebuild — was lost. I’ve written about it on here numerous times, but any tales of woe caused by a lost laptop, crashed server, failed SSD, etc — 100% user error. It should be a marginal inconvenience. If you have multiple concurrent failures then you have a sad tale to tell, but otherwise it was just being caught in bad practices.

So a Windows Update somehow destroyed this Windows 7 image. Ah well, install again from scratch and patch up to the most recent. Once again the image was destroyed as the latest patches were installed.

Somewhere among KB2574819, KB2692687, KB2830477, KB3048761, or KB3064209 lies a patch (based upon a little more searching, it is KB3064209 in particular) that is very unpleasant on this relatively banal machine: Haswell processor, Intel 530 SSD, DWA-566 network card. Obviously it isn’t widespread, but it was a bit of an eye opener, and I will again do system images prior to updates just to avoid the wasted time of reinstalling, however pleasant that fresh clean install scent is.

Nothing much else that I can really talk about currently. Oh, the 25UM57-P is a remarkable value of a monitor. Brilliant device.