The Go-based Web Server

Every now and then I begin a project with little practical reason: There are existing, better alternatives; it doesn’t have a rational return for the time spent; etc. But I do it just as a diversion from other projects, particularly if I’ve been drawn away from a realm for a bit.

In this case I’m switching the presentation server of this blog (among other web properties) to a Go-hosted, protocol-buffer-persisting, in-memory SQLite-using minimalist server. Still edited and published from WordPress, but wholly detached from WordPress on the authoring side (on a hidden private server, pushing to the minimalist server side). I’ve gone through a number of blog engines over the years, including several custom built, and in this case it is a fun diversion to play around with HTTP Push and a few other techniques I’ve been curious to build around. I’ve delayed a couple of technical pieces until I publish it through that, with the first iteration hitting in the next couple of days.

My technical life otherwise lately has been primarily in deep learning, having been pulled into it for professional reasons. It has been amazingly rewarding — my favorite tasks are those that expose me to a lot of things that I don’t know — but I do like to expand out on occasion. My first iOS app release (e.g. wholly my own work, and not a contribution to another project) is imminent as well, so that should be fun.

So that’s a lot of coming soons. Coming soon!