Okay just one more post (before the content switch-over)

Things have been…hectic. In a good way. The long promised switch-over will happen soon-ish.

In any case, several people have contacted me and detailed difficulty in getting in touch. I can be reached at dforbes@yafla.com.

As a disclaimer on the post about office space (and this is true regarding virtually any post on subjective things): I’m not presenting my current criteria as better, superior, etc. There was a time in my life where my favorite office was on a major highway on the edge of the city in an industrial park. The neighborhood was dreary. There was absolutely nothing to do, and the single food option was the office complex food court. It was right for that time in my life when I wanted to get in, do the work, and get out. I’m in a situation now where my criteria is a bit different — not better or worse, just different — and I look for different things. Detailing that was just casual conversation patter and not a judgment on workplaces. The world is an endless number of shades and needs.