For Sale 2273 Britannia Road Burlington

Since we’re putting our home in bucolic rural Burlington on the market (we are listing at $1,300,000 CAD), I thought it was a good chance to exercise the SEO and have a go at some technical solutions during the process. So here I’ll post high resolution pictures, technical information, and if I have time (if it doesn’t sell too quickly) I’ll even throw together a smartphone app to have a go at height mapping the property and then WebGL rendering it. Check back here frequently.

We aren’t trying to find buyer (e.g. the kind swayed by paint colors or minor accouterments) but instead we’re trying to find the right buyer who knows about this area and desires to live out here. Lots like this seldom are available (150′ x 810′, situated absolutely brilliantly with an elevation profile that gives you outrageous views from the deck), and this home, while imperfect, is large, very efficient, and heavily updated.